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Etsy Gift Guide: For The Love Of Linen

Linen is all about comfort, luxury and cool bohemian style. I always thought quality linen goods were hard to find and out of my price range, until one day I typed 'linen pillows' into Etsy...

Since then I've found some really gorgeous linen treasures which make truly lovely gifts. The beauty and heirloom quality of linen means these items will be used, loved and kept by whoever receives them.

Browse through this collection of my favourites and you'll find something for the home cook, the entertainer, the plant lover, the spa lover, the fashionista...and don't forget to treat yourself to something beautiful these holidays!

Looking for unusual gifts for children? Head over to 'Etsy Gift Guide: Linen For Little People' for some sweet ideas.

Etsy is packed with artisan creations from makers all over the world, be sure to check out Etsy Editors' Picks for more inspiration.

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Stonewashed Linen Coasters | LinenTales on Etsy

Joanna Linen Tote Bags | SondeflorShop

Indigo Shibori Linen Pillow Covers | Indigowares on Etsy

Pure Linen Custom Bedding | MagicLinen on Etsy

Large Washed Linen Napkins | notPERFECTLINEN on Etsy

Natural Linen Table Runner | SondeflorShop on Etsy

Stonewashed Linen Bed Set | LinenTales on Etsy

'DREAM ON THIS' & 'SLEEP ON IT' Natural Linen Pillow Covers | 645workshop on Etsy

Pure Linen Wrap Blouse | MotumoLinen on Etsy

Linen Beaded Bracelet | Naryajewelry on Etsy

Stonewashed Linen Kitchen Towels | MagicLinen on Etsy

Handmade Linen Planters | MUNIshop on Etsy

Watercolour Printed Linen Pillow | sitstaygo on Etsy

Natural Linen Dress With Pleated Back | MotumoLinen on Etsy

Starry Night Beaded Linen Bracelet | Naryajewelry on Etsy

Snow White Stonewashed Linen Tablecloth | LinenTales on Etsy

Stonewashed Linen Placemats | LinenTales on Etsy

Kimono Style Linen Robes | LostinLinen on Etsy

Set Of Three Soft Linen Waffle Bath Towels | notPERFECTLINEN on Etsy

Natural Linen Bread Bag With Hand Printed Logo | MagicLinen on Etsy

Unisex Natural Linen Scarf | Linenbliss on Etsy

Handmade Linen Fox Sleeping Mask | StitchLabMinnesota on Etsy

Striped Softened Linen Apron | MagicLinen on Etsy

Set Of Two Stonewashed Linen Pillowcases | notPERFECTLINEN on Etsy

Handmade Blue Linen Dress | SondeflorShop on Etsy

Softened Linen Scarf | feellinen on Etsy

For more inspiration follow 'Etsy Wishlist - Serene Bohemian Etsy Finds' on Pinterest

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