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A Happy Little Holiday Gift Guide

{this blog feature contains affiliate links}

For me the joy of the holidays is in the little people! I want to create traditions and memories that my kids will treasure, and perhaps recreate with their own children one day. We went to the Christmas Pageant in the city this year and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, I'm hoping this is a new tradition we will all look forward to in years to come.

I feel that handmade gifts are perfect for the holidays, it doesn't have to be big and flashy, it's all about slowing down and showing your loved ones that you care about them with a thoughtfully chosen treasure. The kids and I will be making some potato stamped festive wrapping paper this year to make sure the presents are all wrapped with that handmade touch.

Etsy is my go-to for Christmas shopping, and as you can imagine it's a far more relaxing and inspiring destination than the busy stores. You can check out Etsy's holiday gift guide here to find something unique and lovely for everybody on your list. If you're buying for the special babies and kids in your life then please grab a cuppa and join me for a browse through some of my top picks for the little ones.

Wishing you a sparkling and love-filled holiday season, from my family to yours xx

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