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Tsiomik Kids: Handmade With Love

Photo credit: Kayla Jannika Photography

TsiomikKids on Etsy is a beautiful handmade children’s label created by the lovely Kate Bilyk and based in the ancient European City of Kyiv, Ukraine. The name Tsiomik is Kate’s maiden name and I love that it also means ‘kiss’ in Ukrainian.

Tsiomik Kids captures a truly classic feel that will always be in style, as Kate says “I am always looking for real, timeless beauty and finding inspiration in old photography, movies, and books. I aim to create something simple, elegant, beautiful and timeless.  Myself, my Mom and even my Granny wore similar clothes when we were little girls.” 

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Kate has many years experience with designing and creating beautiful clothing and her customer reviews consistently praise the exceptional quality of their purchases. She started sewing at the age of ten and really feels that sewing is part of who she is: “One day I made an apron, it was the beginning! Since then I have always studied clothing design, pattern cutting and sewing. I’m constantly working on refining design, cut and fit, trying to find the perfect formula.”  

Kate’s creations are tried and tested in the best way possible: “After the birth of my first niece Mira I dived into the world of kids clothes. My nieces are now my inspiration, models, and testers. I listen to their opinion because want my clothes to bring joy not only for parents but also for the girls themselves. I want kids to feel comfortable; I want them to feel like kids. The linen Peter Pan Collar Dresses and Rompers are my own favourites and have also become Tsiomik Kids bestsellers.” 

Much of the Tsiomik Kids range is made with stylish and hard wearing linen, meaning many of these heirloom quality pieces will be passed on and enjoyed by the next little one for years to come. In addition to the popular dresses and rompers the Tsiomik Kids range also includes pretty handmade bonnets, blouses and the cutest linen pants.

Kate works in a studio with three lovely ladies who help create everything to order. “We do not sew apparel in advance. I like the idea that each piece is created only when there is a need for it. It would be great if the whole fashion industry worked on this principle. We work slowly, but the quality is paramount.”

Tsiomik Kids continues to be a great adventure on a personal level for Kate. “My little shop changed me a lot. It has given me an incredible feeling that the Earth is small. I feel this very keenly when I look at the map and understand that my dresses live their best lives all over the world from Alaska to Chile, from the Hawaiian Islands to New Zealand.  When my dresses and rompers reach their destinations they settle in wonderful towns, in beautiful houses, where they are treasured and loved.

It is wonderful for Kate to see her Tsiomik Kids creations being enjoyed by gorgeous babies kids around the world, as she explains: “I have become friends with many of my customers. I see their kids growing, through their photos I see everyday life in different continents and cultures. It’s just amazing! My dresses and rompers travel far and open up the whole world to me. Feeling involved in the happiness of these children is the greatest pleasure my work brings.”

To explore the full range for babies and older girls head over to Tsiomik Kids on Etsy

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