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Magical Morning Light

I recently found a gorgeous little gem of a handmade shop, its the all-kinds-of-lovely Morning Light Apparel on Etsy. Amber Hedelius is the skilful designer and creator behind Morning Light Apparel where you will find the sweetest range of baby & toddler bonnets, plus soft little waffle knit baby dresses.  The 5 star customer reviews are proof of the loving care that Amber pours into each handmade item:

"Even cuter than I had imagined! So soft and very well made. I will be buying LOTS MORE from this shop!"

"If it's any indication of the quality and craftsmanship of these bonnets, I cried when opening my package today. These handmade pieces are stunning and so special. I can't wait to put my Rainbow Baby in these. Thank you!"

I got in touch with Amber and she has kindly shared the magical and personal story behind her brand. Her heartfelt words are touching and inspiring, I hope you enjoy.

{Click on the images to shop}

"My Grandma and Grandpa have owned a quilting shop for more than 20 years, and I took a closer interest in sewing when I attended a summer sewing camp at about 9 years old. Then later at High School I enrolled in a sewing class that I absolutely loved!  At that time I was struggling with being bullied, and my lovely sewing teacher offered to help me with extra sewing projects. She brought many different sewing patterns from home for me to choose from and I’d go in during lunch, after school and any free class time I had to work on my many purses and dresses."

"I ended up taking my love for sewing to university and graduating with a bachelors degree in apparel design. There, I experienced creating everything from wedding dresses to women’s athletic wear and found myself loving creating children’s clothing the best!  I also recently found a love for quilting, and am hoping to have a lot of modern baby quilts hit the shop in 2020."

"The inspiration for my shop name came from my Nana who passed a way 9 years ago. She was part Cherokee which also makes me part Cherokee.  Everyone in the family were given Indian names when they were born/joined the family.  I was born in May and when my Nana first saw me I had the blackest of black hair, and lots of it!  Then in December when she saw me again I had such light blonde hair and bright eyes.  She was holding me and she saw the light of the sun as it shone through my wispy hair.  I was born unable to hear and couldn't hear until the age of 3, but I was still a happy and smiley baby.  So right then my Nana decided she would call me "Morning Light" for the happiness I brought to the world each morning I awakened.  I loved my Nana so much and I strive to be like her every day. She was creative, fun, and loving.  So this shop is dedicated to her!"

"My favorite pieces in my shop are also some of my best selling pieces.  My embroidered bee bonnets are very popular, and my top-selling embroidered linen rainbow bonnets are a personal favourite. I often receive a little note from customers saying that they are buying a rainbow bonnet for their miracle rainbow baby, after having experienced infertility or loss.  Having personal experience of loss myself means these parents and babies have a special place in my heart.  My rainbow bonnets have been a part of many baby announcements which makes my heart so happy!"

"My favorite fabric is most definitely linen, the way it feels and drapes is amazing! When I look for color inspiration I usually try to find modern nursery art and then put together a color swatch to see how the colors work together. My embroidery inspiration comes from so many different places including my favorite Japanese artists and tattoo artists. Modern and simple designs capture my imagination and give me so many ideas my embroidery."

"My favorite thing about running a handmade shop is the fact that I get to create anything I want!  I recently worked for a leather shoe company and it was very difficult not having the freedom to sew what I wanted to sew.  After being done with a particularly long work day sewing shoes, I ended up quitting and deciding right then that I would only ever sew for myself and put all my love and energy into Morning Light Apparel." 

Take a wander over to Morning Light Apparel to explore the full range of designs available, and perhaps you'll find the perfect gift for the little person in your life. 

For more handmade inspiration follow "A Little Bohemian Girl" on Pinterest



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