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Slow Children's Fashion at Freya Lillie

Freya Lillie on Etsy is the creation of talented British Mama Michelle Jones, and is named after her lovely little girl. The first thing that caught my eye about this gorgeous Etsy store was the quality of design; the linen textures, shoulder ruffles and colour choices are simply beautiful.

Freya Lillie really captures a timelessness which bridges the gap between vintage and contemporary. These rompers and pinafores are made to last through several seasons with adjustable straps and the option to layer underneath in cooler months. This is truly durable and well made clothing designed to be worn, treasured and passed along to the next little one to enjoy.

Michelle is a big believer in slow fashion, with her emphasis firmly on quality over quantity. She chooses only the best sustainable fabrics which minimises the impact on our environment, and begins to teach our children that 'less is more'.

'Our rompers aren't just for Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. They're for life, their life, their own children's life and so on. They're timeless pieces made to last, pop them away and keep them as a keepsake to be worn again' - Michelle Jones

Visit Freya Lillie on Etsy to admire the full range for both girls & boys.

For more insiration follow 'A Little Bohemian Girl' on Pinterest

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