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Need To Know: Six Amazing Etsy Jewelry Shops

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The land of Etsy is like New York or London, whatever you're into, whatever your style, tastes or passions, dig around a little and you're gonna find it! Jewelry is one of my favourite things to shop on Etsy, I've put together six of my current most loved shops including some new quirky and colourful discoveries. You won't find these treasures in regular stores, so be prepared for lots of 'Ooooh where did you buy that?' comments! Read on to find out more about the fab jewels on offer and the talented creators behind them.


Elena of French Etsy shop daimblond believes all handmade items have soul. She creates beautiful, ethereal pieces using resin, gold flakes and treasures from nature. The clear resin gives a magical floating effect to pretty gold leaf and delicate little fronds of moss. Head over to daimblond to admire Elena’s enchanting and highly original collection.

Floating Gold Leaf Hoop Earrings | daimblond Cherry Blossom Blush Resin Gold Flakes Ring | daimblond

Rose Quartz & Sterling Silver Modern Drop Earrings | daimblond Botanical Resin Moss Ring | daimblond

Moss & Gold Flake Resin Ring | daimblond

Floating Gold Leaf Long Dangle Earrings | daimblond

Gold & Silver Flake Square Resin Ring | daimblond

Blush Faceted Resin Silver Flake Rings | daimblond


Jill Foreman creates ‘handmade jewelry for upbeat people’ and I just love her fun and playful aesthetic. This is the kind of statement jewelry that can transform your entire outfit whilst also transforming your entire mood! Stripes, tassels and confetti patterns combine beautifully with Jill’s excellent eye for colour. JillMakes is a top choice for heartfelt and quirky gifts (and yes that does include gifts to yourself).

1. Lucite Gem Statement Earrings | JillMakes on Etsy

2. Hand Painted Wooden Gem Pendants | JillMakes on Etsy

3. Striped Acrylic Statement Earrings | JillMakes on Etsy

4. Speckled Brass Statement Earrings | JillMakes on Etsy

5. Brass & Pom Pom Statement Necklaces | JillMakes on Etsy

6. Confetti Lucite Statement Earrings | JillMakes on Etsy

7. Bend Rainbow Statement Earrings | JillMakes on Etsy

8. Acrylic Gem Pendant Necklaces | JillMakes on Etsy

Rare Bird Designs

Rare Bird Designs (ShopRareBird) is really a gem of a shop! Creator Pauline Stanley has the wonderful ability to skilfully pick up on trends and always maintain a very current and inspiring range. I particularly love her collection of hammered geometric earrings which are available in brass, silver or gold. Visit Rare Bird Designs on Etsy to see all sorts of quirky goodness including pineapples, honeycomb, monstera leaves and crescent moons.

Honeycomb Necklace | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Arch Half Moon Rainbow Earrings | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Geometric Phoenix Earrings | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Half Moon Tassel Earrings | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Jasper Triangle Hoop Earrings | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Geometric Lotus Earrings | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Vintage Inspired Ogee Earrings | ShopRareBird on Etsy

Hammered Tribal Fringe Necklace | ShopRareBird on Etsy


The brilliantly named gudbling is the Berlin based Etsy shop of Christine Hornicke. Her genius designs combine rope, tassels and beads into very beautiful and lightweight statement jewelry. Christine also uses semi-precious stones add that perfect touch of luxe. Curious compliments guaranteed.

Blush Tassel Chandelier Earrings | gudbling on Etsy

Rope Tassel Statement Earrings | gudbling on Etsy

Amazonite Tassel Arch Earrings | gudbling on Etsy

Auburn Tassel & Rose Quartz Statement Earrings | gudbling on Etsy

Seafoam Green Tassel & Rose Quartz Statement Earrings | gudbling on Etsy

Long Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings | gudbing on Etsy

Rose Quartz Tassel Arch Earrings | gudbling on Etsy

Pink & Blue Pastel Tassel Earrings | gudbling on Etsy


California based Janine Rayor is the talented creator behind JewelLUXE on Etsy. Her precious jewels are made to last a lifetime and beyond, if you’re looking for a stunning classic or alternative engagement ring then JewelLUXE might just have what you’re dreaming of. Janine also loves to work with clients to create the perfect custom piece, and welcomes your sketches, pictures and ideas into the design process.

Peachy Pink Morganite & Rose Gold Ring | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Intricate Stackable Rose Cut Diamond Rings | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Green Oval Diamond Ring | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Oval Pink Morganite Ring | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Pink Morganite Diamond Halo Ring | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Moonstone & Sapphire Cluster Ring | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Moonstone Solitaire Rings | JewelLUXE on Etsy

Rose Cut Pear Diamond Ring | JewelLUXE on Etsy


Rachel Pfeffer’s jewelry has a unique style filled with humour and personality, guaranteed to raise a smile! Her pieces have a warm, hand-formed feel, which is just irresistible. Her statement earrings include oversized crescent moons and sparkling opal eyes, dangling hearts and folded stars. This shop has totally captured my imagination, head on over and check out RachelPfefferDesigns for yourself.

Yellow and Rose Gold Lasso Opal Ring | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

'The Beholder' Gold & Opal Dangle Earrings | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

14k Gold Filled Big Bow Necklace | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

Floating Crescent Moon Oversized Earrings | RachelPfefferDesigns o Etsy

14k Gold Whisper Diamond Ring | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

Blue Ceylon Sapphire & 14k Gold Lasso Ring | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

'The Beholder' Eye Pendants in Onyx, Opal or Turquoise | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

14k Gold Plated Honeycomb Earrings | RachelPfefferDesigns on Etsy

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