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Happiness is...Hinkleville Handmade

Hinkleville Handmade is the creation of talented Toronto based artist Janet Hinkle. Her sweet, fresh and quirky ceramics are sure to make you smile! My favourites are her 'Strawberry Moon Mug' and beautiful Ceramic Necklaces, both make gorgeous gift ideas. All items listed at Hinkleville Handmade are ready to ship worldwide, here's what Janet has to say about her lovely little shop:

"I started this shop because it encompasses all the things that I love to do... create, design, photograph, explore, play, and make people happy. I have a background in studio based visual arts and art history. The idea for the shop came along when I was asked by a friend if I had ever considered selling any of my creations (up until that point, I hadn't), so from that day forth I decided to give it a shot and share my creations and spread my quirkiness."

{Click on the images to visit Hinkleville Handmade on Etsy}

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