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Saint Isabel: A Bridal Collection

Saint Isabel on Etsy has created a delicate, timeless bridal collection combining vintage, modern and bohemian influences. Add braided or tousled hair, untamed flowers and natural makeup for a beautiful, authentic look on your wedding day. And did I mention the lacey, romantic backs of these gowns? Just stunning.

The following is borrowed from the Saint Isabel Etsy store:

Saint Isabel is a line of refined bohemian dresses for the free spirited bride. Saint Isabel embodies playfulness and forward thinking with a refined modern look. Our dresses walk the fine line between lofty boheme and modern sensuality. We adore the 70s and everything vintage, but we are head over heels in love with the time we live in. Saint Isabel started in 2012 with mostly silk wedding dress but has since moved to include a variety of fabrics to fit our vision of the perfect, uncomplicated bridal dress.

{Click on the images to visit Saint Isabel on Etsy}

For more inspiration follow 'A Bohemian Wedding' on Pinterest

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