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Susan Simonini Ceramics

The very talented Susan of Susan Simonini Ceramics on Etsy creates exactly the style of beautiful, rustic tableware that I dream of filling my house with. The organic shapes, perfect colours and speckled finish make for a lovely bohemian feel. Susan's pieces are ideal for serving up delicious breakfasts, salads and coffees and will look fantastic displayed on open shelving in your kitchen.

The following is borrowed from the Susan Simonini Ceramics Etsy shop:

'I fell in love with ceramics and pottery after more than a decade of painting and printmaking. I am captivated with the process of hand forming the clay, decorating, glazing and firing. The unpredictability of the process and the uniqueness of each piece is something that I love! I am inspired by plant-life, animals and the local coastal landscape.' - Susan Simonini

All items are carefully packaged and available for shipping worldwide.

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For more inspiration follow 'I'm Home' on Pinterest

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