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Etsy Gift Guide: Linen For Little People

Are you looking for beautiful gifts for the little people in your life? Feeling uninspired by the mass produced toys and clothes in the stores? Etsy has a wonderful selection of unique, handmade items crafted with love by makers all over the world.

I've gathered together some sweet and quirky gift ideas all created from timeless, hard-wearing linen. I'm a little obsessed with the cool crispness of linen with it's gorgeous texture and perfect little imperfections. From play tents and pillows to little dresses, dolls and bears you'll find something magical here.

Need gift inspiration for the grown ups? Be sure to check out Etsy Gift Guide: For The Love Of Linen and Etsy Editors' Picks for plenty more handmade goodness.

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Handmade Linen Doll | byMinibliss on Etsy

Handmade Linen Baby Outfit | moonroomkids on Etsy

Unisex Linen Overalls | BeyaMade on Etsy

Linen Raindrop Pillows | BabyMoreGoods on Etsy

Stonewashed Linen Nursery Bedding | MagicLinen on Etsy

Linen Ruffle Collar Top | Marumakids on Etsy

Handmade Linen Dress | JoelleHochstedler on Etsy

Handmade Linen Mouse | DwarvesFromTheRiver on Etsy

Personalised Linen Christmas Stocking | Storybookgoods on Etsy

Beautiful Linen Sundresses by YouAreSmall on Etsy

Handmade Linen Tunic | littlelotticlothing on Etsy

Linen Deer Bambi | forestfeeling on Etsy

Linen Bunny Ears Bonnet | TotsModa on Etsy

'Lulu' Linen Cat Doll by LespetitesmainsS on Etsy

Handmade Linen Placemats | JuliaWine on Etsy

Indigo Linen Baby Bib | WarmGreyCompany on Etsy

Handmade Linen Play Tent by BananajTeepees on Etsy

Matching Linen Mother Daughter Dresses | OffOn on Etsy

Handmade Linen Bear and Miniature Wooden Bed | DwarvesFromTheRiver on Etsy

Linen Baby Boys Outfit | mimiikids on Etsy

Natural Linen Dress | Sondeflor Shop on Etsy

Eleanor Dress in Blush Pink Linen | littlegoodall on Etsy

Hand Painted Linen Baby Bib | yorikoNewYork on Etsy

Natural Linen Flutter Sleeve Playsuit | MiyaAndMa on Etsy

Striped Linen Baby Outfit | FrecklyOllie on Etsy

Sky Blue Linen Bunny | yorikoNewYork on Etsy

For more inspiration follow "Etsy Wishlist - Serene Bohemian Etsy Finds" on Pinterest

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