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Difference Makes Us: Unique Adornments

'Figure out who you are & adorn accordingly'

Etsy's latest campaign 'Difference Makes Us' celebrates our differences, our quirks and what makes us who we are. I'm always on the look out for that special item of clothing or jewellery which just perfectly my style, and I love checking out the unique ways in which other people dress to show the world who they are.

Statement earrings are such an easy way to add personality and flair to a simple dress or jeans & tee, transforming an everyday look into a style that's uniquely your own. I love to browse through my collection and choose a pair to match how I'm feeling on a particular day.

I've gathered together some of my handmade Etsy favourites taking in a range of moods: vintage, modern, whimsical, pretty, quirky and bohemian. I hope you get inspired to seek out those special things which really speak to you.

#etsy #handmade #differencemakesus

Trimble Tassel Earrings | HouseOfUrbanNYC on Etsy

Ginkgo Leaf Earrings by LaPlumeNoir on Etsy

Pinwheel Earrings | redtruckdesigns on Etsy

Lace Statement Earrings | whiteowl on Etsy

Long Silver Chain Shoulder Duster Earrings by Bellanti Jewelry on Etsy

Vintage Style Peacock Blue Earrings by LaPlumeNoir on Etsy

Verdigris Earrings | YamariletPacheco on Etsy

Geometric Half Moon Earrings | moondomeuk on Etsy

Geometric Hoop Earrings | OtisJaxon on Etsy

Aqua Blue & Gold Statement Earrings | Marolsha on Etsy

Deep Blue Sea Feather Earrings by MayflyJewelry on Etsy

Art Deco Earrings | Rootiebirds on Etsy

Sterling Silver Ombre Earrings by Rootiebirds on Etsy

Trimble Tassel Earrings | HouseOfUrbanNYC on Etsy

Hand Painted Filigree Earrings | handmadebyfirefli on Etsy

For more inspiration check out 'Difference Makes Us' or browse my board 'Etsy Wishlist' on Pinterest

#handmade #style

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