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Bohemian Jewels: Shop Clementine

I love pretty, pretty things. But what I love even more are pretty, pretty things with that little bit of edge...for example a spectacular, faceted black diamond set in rose gold. Where can you find such a thing? Visit Shop Clementine on Etsy - a collection of stunning, ethereal jewels crafted by Cassie Gray in her Massachusetts studio. Cassie describes herself as "Owner, Maker, Designer, Metalsmith & Gem Hoarder." The following is borrowed from her Etsy 'about' page:

"Inspired by a childhood spent collecting rocks and other natural bits and bobs, and built upon a solid foundation of making jewelry as a hobby (growing up as an only child in a rural area, I learned real quick that the only person who was going to entertain me was me), I returned to the craft in 2005 and have been building and learning and loving it ever since. I've studied metalwork at Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program; Metalwerx; and Penland School of Crafts. I'm happy to say that most metal in my work is recycled and comes from award-winning sources in the United States. I strive to use environmentally-friendly packaging, tools, and studio practices. I love to create beauty and share it with others, transforming (okay, occasionally wrangling) raw and rough materials—sheets of metal, wire, gemstones—into lovely pieces of jewelry; and I want to do it with the least amount of impact on our planet that I can."

Cassie takes wonderful care of her customers and has a hard earned 5 star review rating on Etsy. She welcomes custom orders and ships her gorgeous treasures worldwide.

{Click on the images to visit Shop Clementine on Etsy}

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