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Featured Etsy Shop: Evelyn Fields

I stumbled across a gorgeous little Etsy shop today and I couldn't wait to share it with you! Melissa Wingo is the creative Mama behind Evelyn Fields, a lovely handmade collection for your Little Bohemian Girl. There is no frilly pink here, these little outfits are designed for adventures in nature!

At Evelyn Fields you'll find adorable little rompers, dresses and my favourites the mix & match shorts and tops in vintage inspired fabrics. The red gingham top (and the stick collection!) reminds me of my own childhood growing up in the country wearing red gingham dresses, my mum will laugh reading this! The nature and retro inspired fabrics really capture that feeling of exploring outdoors, and the sweet little special occasion dresses are to die for.

Melissa loves the careful creative process involved in making these beautiful mini clothes, the following is borrowed from the Evelyn Fields about page:

I love designing clothes. I start with an idea and sketch it out a bunch of different ways, deciding which I like best. I then draft the pattern (my favorite part) and make a variety of sizes by adding half an inch here and there, use my French Curve to get lovely curves and square all the corners to ensure the seems will line up. I then choose, iron and cut the fabric into the pieces needed. Then it's sewing time. I use both a serger and sewing machine to sew it all together (my daughter, who is 9, loves to help me sew or serge any of the easier parts). Then the item is done and ready for a sweet little girl to wear.

Once completed Melissa's garments are carefully packaged ready for worldwide shipping. I think it's wonderful that her 9 year old daughter is learning the creative skills involved in running a handmade clothing business, what a gift to be able to give your daughter. By buying from Evelyn Fields you are supporting a very lovely and inspiring little family business!

{Click on the images to visit Evelyn Fields on Etsy}

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