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Featured Etsy Shop: Back Bay Pottery

'Coffee tastes better in a handmade mug' -Christine Silbaugh

Meet Christine Silbaugh of Back Bay Pottery. Christine creates beautiful, functional pieces of art in her studio in Los Osos, California. Her ceramics are designed to be savoured alone with a cup of coffee or enjoyed gathered around the table with friends and family. To me everything about Christine's pottery says 'made with love!'

The aqua, green and turquoise colours of Back Bay Pottery also lend themselves beautifully displaying treasures and jewellery in living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. An absolute favourite of mine are the triangular hanging planters, textured and glazed to perfection ready to display and complement your much loved plants.

Handmade pottery and ceramics bring warmth, texture and character to a home. When not in use stack your collection of plates, cups and bowls on open shelves for a cosy, arty vibe.

Back Bay Pottery comes carefully packaged and boxed ready to be shipped worldwide. Enjoy feathering your nest with some gorgeous, useful handmade goodness!

{Click on the images to visit Back Bay Pottery on Etsy}

Christine's studio in Los Osos, California

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