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Break A Stone: A Bohemian Philosophy

"She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere."

Lovers of statement jewellery take note...

Aggelika is the owner and creator behind Break A Stone, she gathers inspiration on her travels and creates stunning, bold bohemian jewellery from her studio in Athens.

Aggelika chose the name 'Break A Stone' to reflect her life's philosophy. She's a big believer in walking your own path and breaking away from convention. She wants the wearers of her jewels to feel empowered and inspired to do the same. Fans of Break A Stone are drawn to the beauty and strength of Aggelika's work - armed with these jewels you can take on the world!

The following is borrowed from her Etsy about page:

"My brand name 'Break A Stone' pretty much describes the reasons it all started. It not only describes my aesthetic but also describes me and my point of view towards life. I wanted my brand to represent my life’s philosophy of breaking though the hardships and personal drawbacks but mainly breaking through this drama (referred to as the 'stone') most of us unfortunately were subject to all through our upbringing that ‘life is hard and you'd better go the safe way.' "

Jewellery totally reflects personality and defines the style of its owner....a piece of jewellery can accompany someone through a thousand times and years this just adds to its value for me."

Creating quality jewellery and providing excellent service are Aggelika's highest priorities, as reflected in her hard earned 5 star Etsy customer review rating. Aggelika welcomes custom orders and will work with you to create your ultimate statement piece...prepare to be inspired!

{Click on the images to visit Break A Stone on Etsy}

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