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Featured Etsy Shop: Lebenslustiger

I have a fascination with beautiful colour palletes, and the oh-so-lovely sunset hues of Lebenslustiger jewellery have me so inspired! There is something about rose gold that I find irresistible, it looks wonderful against all skin tones and works so well layered with yellow gold or silver.

Meet Anette of Lebenslustiger, product designer, goldsmith and photographer living in Hildesheim, Germany. Anette's creations are classically elegant with a modern, bohemian twist. Layered rings with stunning gemstones, knots and hearts create a pretty, personal look - these are jewels you can wear and enjoy every day. Anette's necklaces are delicate and versatile, my absolute favourite is the necklace with three facetted gemstone drops crafted from rose gold, silver, rose quartz, aqua chalcedony and moonstone.

Anette carefully packages and ships her treasures worldwide and has earned a five star customer review rating for her excellent customer service. Lebenslustiger roughly translates as 'Funny Life' - I love her gorgeous tiger logo! Anette has some inspiring insight into living a creative life and is grateful for what her life experiences have taught her:

"My work and life attitude has much shifted from being a seriously ambitious Goldsmith to being a seriously ambitious Lifesmith in search for a more joyful and vivacious existence" - Anette Wetzel-Grolle

{Click on the images to visit Lebenslustiger on Etsy}

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