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Featured Etsy Shop: MountainClay

'Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher' -Wordsworth

Etsy is a wonderful place to discover unique ceramics and pottery - and I think I might have just found the most gorgeous creations in Australia! Yvette De Lacy of Mountain Clay Ceramics creates earthy, simple and very beautiful pieces from her studio in Kinglake, Victoria. Her range includes plates, bowls, cups, mugs, jugs and vases with the addition of some lovely, quirky ceramic jewellery.

I am fascinated by the way Yvette takes inspiration from nature and the landscape around her home. She clearly loves and deeply appreciates the place where she lives, and this love shines through in her work.

The following is borrowed from the Mountain Clay Ceramics about page:

"I am an artist who loves to play with clay! I lovingly design, hand make and decorate each piece, glaze and fire in my little electric kiln to give you a truly unique, one of a kind work of art!

My pieces are wheel thrown or constructed from slabs and pinch pots to create unique pieces that I love. I rarely make the same piece twice and when I do they tend to vary in size, pattern and glaze so if you like a piece grab it while you can!

My work is inspired by the mountains where I live in the Kinglake Ranges in Australia. I also have memories from traveling to China as a child and seeing the dramatic mountains near Beijing, which seem to grow out of nowhere. The tree motif has gone through a few changes since I went through a major bushfire, from straight blackness to re-growth and now full trees again. The magnificent Mountain Ash gums on our property are huge and towering and are my main inspiration.

I’m also interested in the contours and typography of the landscape and use engraved lines to show these and to give movement to my pieces. I am influenced by nature, the stillness in the forest, the leaves and branches in the wind, rocks, water, what is left behind and buried and the concept that ‘grass will grow over your cities’" All photos © Yvette De Lacy

Visit the Etsy Home Decor Hub for beautiful inspiration for your entire home!

{Click on the images to visit Mountain Clay Ceramics on Etsy}

Yvette's studio in Kinglake, Victoria

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