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Featured Etsy Shop: BlueBirdLab

Juste is the owner and creator behind BlueBirdLab - home of some of my favourite jewellery on Etsy. These necklaces have a very bohemian, earthy and understated appeal: we're talking simple, balanced designs made from beautiful natural materials. Touches of gold and pink draw the eye and add a luxurious feel. My favourite pieces combine wood, metallics and gemstones - just the right combination of colour and texture.

I am always fascinated to read about the inspiration behind Etsy creations, there is always a personal story which I feel adds to the value of the item you're buying. Here is what Juste has to say about BlueBirdLab:

"I am Juste, living in Vilnius, Lithuania. I was always addicted to photography, graduated in Vilnius Academy of Art. But after several years working as a full time photographer I began to miss the joy of creating something with my own hands. So that is how the birth of BlueBird came. My inspiration comes from modern Scandinavian houses, deep Lithuanian woods, bright streets of Spain, from finds in the local vintage market, from dreams awake and sleeping."

All BlueBirdLab jewellery is available for worldwide shipping via priority registered airmail. Customer satisfacion is top priority as you can see by BlueBirdLab's five star customer review rating. If you have a particular design in mind please contact Juste to discuss a custom order!

{Click on the images to visit BlueBirdLab on Etsy}

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