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A Little Bohemian Girl: Mini Boden

As a British mama living in Australia there are a few things I miss about the UK. Old London Town is one of them, and the green Kent coutryside is another. But there's another big one - the beautiful kids' clothes! Whenever I travel home to England I leave plenty of space in the suitcase for the gorgeous kids' clothing which has a certain quality and style which you can't find elsewhere. An all time favourite is the ever adorable MINI BODEN who are now shipping worldwide including dedicated Boden USA, Boden Australia, Boden France and Boden Germany sites!

The photos really speak for themselves, but I want to tell you why I personally love Mini Boden so much:

1) The quality. Boden is famous for their seriously high quality fabrics and manufacture meaning that these clothes wash and wear brilliantly and ALWAYS get passed on as hand me downs to the next little person!

2) The freshness. Even just browsing Little Boden is refreshing and guaranteed to raise a smile! For example my heart is skipping over the Iris Strawberry Field Dungaree Dress, it's the most gorgeous, fresh and delicious little dress I've seen in a long time!

3) The vibe. I love the genuine, happy vibe of Boden's designs and website. Their customer service is warm, honest and friendly and their social media is fun and lighthearted.

4) My daughter loves her Mini Boden dresses like no other. They are simply worn and worn on all occasions, appealing as much to me as they do to her 3 year old sense of style! She always gets a lot of comments on her Boden dresses and I'm always keen to spread the word to friends.

*Get free delivery on orders over $49 USD at Boden USA*

*Get free delivery on orders over $100 AUD at Boden Australia*

*Plus great rates on shipping worldwide*

{Click on the images to shop}

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