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Featured Etsy Shop: Blydesign

Take a peek into Katie Bly's beautiful Etsy Shop 'Blydesign' and you'll find a treasure trove of lovingly crafted jewellery which miraculously has both a very modern and very ancient appeal. This kind of magic does not exist in mass produced commercial jewellery, and reading through Katie's Etsy bio I can get a deeper understanding of why.

There is a personal and unique history behind Blydesign spanning loss, inspiration, romance and partnership. This is the wonderful thing about shopping on Etsy - you are buying directly from the hands of the thoughtful, dedicated maker and becoming part of their creative story.

The following is from the Blydesign 'about' page:

Blydesign is a jewelry line established in 2009 by metal smith & classically trained pianist, Katie Bly. The small company is dedicated to localized production, sourcing all materials through environmentally responsible vendors, with intentions to minimize material waste as much as possible. Each piece is made by hand, one at a time, with love & exquisite craftsmanship out of her North Carolina countryside studio. With the help of her husband, Andy, & loyal pup, Rocco, they are either on the production bench (which Andy built!), or tending to their garden. Katie discovered her love for jewelry making after her grandmother, Martha Rose, passed away. By turning salvaged crystals from Martha’s broken chandelier into a precious pendant, Katie’s true calling was realized. Katie is self-taught, with her current collection consisting of recycled + coated brass, sterling silver, & a special resin process signature to her brand. The hand-poured opalescent ‘stones’ used throughout Blydesign consist of thoughtfully placed sparkles, making for a unique treasure every time.

PS. I'd also like to add that Katie clearly has a talent for layering, styling and photographing her jewellery, how gorgeous are these images!

{Click on the images to visit Blydesign on Etsy}

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