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Featured Etsy Shop: Kapelika

"If it's not out there and you want it, create it"

Alena of Kapelika is doing exactly that. When she couldn't find the right accessories for her own beautiful hair she decided to start making her own. She now happily works out of her studio in San Francisco and ships her gorgeous hair accessories & jewellery around the world. Here's what Alena has to say about her creative process:

"I have always had long heavy hair and I could never find anything on the market that would hold it up for a period of time. My hair would slip out, or they would break or they simply did not have the look that I wanted. So I really had no choice but to make my own. The durability and subtle elegance of brass and copper appealed to me right away and until this day I continue to explore the possibilities of base metals. Today I am happy to offer you both functional and decorative products for any type of hair, and if there is something special you would like me to make just for you I would be happy to discuss it with you."

I am inspired by Alena's creations and also her commitment to running her small business in a global, professional way. With a 5 star Etsy customer review rating and over 1500 sales I really think Alena is going places. I just love seeing creative souls putting their work out there into the world!

{Click on the images to visit Kapelika on Etsy}

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