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Pink & Yellow : The Sweetest Girls' Rooms

There's something about the combination of pink and yellow (or gold!) which draws my eye every time. It's sweet and soft but also modern and oh so happy! My 3 year old daughter is naturally very drawn to these colours, I feel like they suit her funny little personality.

I've gathered images of some of my favourite little girls' rooms for your viewing pleasure, along with some gorgeous products and artwork with that sweet bohemian vibe. I hope you are as inspired as I am!

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Sequined Circlet Crown | Anthropologie

Flavia Flamingo | Anthropologie

Little Sister Mouse In A Box | Anthropologie

Flock Together Puzzle | Anthropologie

1. Thomas Paul Flock Rug in Corn and Cream | Pokkadots

2. Rigby Lotus Pendant Light| One King's Lane

3. Lorena Canals Washable Rug in Wings - Pink & Gold | Pokkadots

4. Owlie Pillow by Kumo | AHAlife

5. Forever Summer Art Print by Harriet Mellor | Oopsy Daisy

6. Milazzo Stripe Turkish Towel | One Kings Lane

7. Petite + Pois Elephant Wall Art | Modern Nursery

8. Fishy Medallion Moksha Quilt - Yellow | One Kings Lane

9. The Great Chicken Escape by Nikki McClure | Pokkadots

10. Kelli Knitted Pouf | One Kings Lane

11. Petite + Pois Vigne Wall Art | Modern Nursery

12. Colorful Kids Wooden Backpack | AHAlife

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1. Oeuf Rabbit Play Chairs in Birch | Modern Nursery

2. The Little Miss Print by Frooted Design | Minted

3. Yellow Moss Stitch Cusion | Joules

4. Moroccan Wedding Blanket | One Kings Lane

5. French Sunflare Mirror | One Kings Lane

6. DwellStudio Meadow Boudoir Pillow | Pokkadots

7. Geo Chevron Cotton Pillow, Pink | One Kings Lane

8. Forever Sunshine Print by Carrie ONeal | Minted

9. Moroccan Wool Pom Pom Blanket - Pink | One Kings Lane

10. Heirloom Pear Limited Edition Print by Alexandra Stafford | Minted

11. Hampden Checked Cushion | Joules

12. Lorena Canals Washable Rugs | Modern Nursery

Fanciful Play Tent | Anthropologie

Edgestitched Toddler Quilt | Anthropologie

Soft Quilted Toddler Blanket | Anthropologie

Fashionable Fauna Doll | Anthropologie

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Soft Whisper Linen Curtain | Modern Nursery

Oeuf Bear Play Chairs and Table Set in Birch | Pokkadots

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs | Modern Nursery

DwellStudio Treetops Fitted Crib Sheet | Pokkadots

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1. Papercut Love Art Print by Hooray Creative | Minted

2. You & Me Limited Edition Art Print by Paper Rose | Minted

3. Mineral 02 Art Print by Lily Hanna | Minted

4. Flight Art Print by Stacy Kron | Minted

5. Palm Study #2 Limited Edition Art Print by Cindy Lackey | Minted

6. Brushed With Love Art Print by Qing Ji | Minted

Oeuf Sparrow Crib in Petal | Modern Nursery

Oeuf Sparrow Crib in Birch| Modern Nursery

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1. Spotlight Sago Palm Art Print by Kiana Mosley | Minted

2. Peek A Boo Art Print by Helen H Wu | Minted

3. Ubuquitous Art Print by Debra Bianculli | Minted

4. Bird Rock Art Print by Sue Prue | Minted

5. Leave Behind The Shadows Art Print by Emily Jeffords | Minted

6. Stacks #2 by Art Print by Kelly Nasuta | Minted

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Newport Cottages Devon Bookcase | Modern Nursery

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