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10 Dreamy Creative Spaces :: Serene Bohemian

A beautiful sanctuary to play and create. Natural light, treasures from your travels and an abundance of lovely art materials.

Grab a cuppa and let these gorgeous studios and workspaces inspire you to create your own dreamy creative retreat.

1. It's all about those detailed textiles and much-loved mementos. Write in your tooled leather journal then take your time getting lost in some beautiful patterns. Take a nap on the Morrocan wedding blanket and dream of far away places.

2. Acres of white and light, piles of books and a crystal chandelier. It would be my pleasure to spread my creative clutter around this mansion of a workspace.

3. A creative space needs vessels. A Chinese vase for your giant aqua glass bottle for your assortment of vintage tins, glasses and cups for all that paint-mixing goodness.

4. This vast and light-filled space is what studio dreams are made of. Fill your loft with fabric, paper, collages and magazines then hang your creations up to dry in the eaves.

5. Pattern and colour, colour and pattern. This is what we did before we had Pinterest.

6. Stylish, calm and collected. Keep your supplies or your trash in some paper bags and be sure to have plenty of wonderful frames at the ready.

7. Find a bright corner of your home and keep things simple. Tape some inspiration to the wall and bring in some greenery to keep you company.

8. Feel light and spirited with colourful beaded textiles and trailing foliage. Light your favourite candle, spread out your stuff and get to work!

9. A desk perfect for collaboration. A rug perfect for bare feet. Settle in on your sheepskin and let the ideas flow.

10. Small space inspiration for a cosy workspace. Natural, unpretentious and warm. It feels like home.

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